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2014 March Symposium

//2014 March Symposium

2014 March Symposium

March 7, 2014

Symposium Agenda

Presentation: Welcome & Kick Off
source Materials: CC+ FAQ

Dr. David T. Harrison – President, Columbus State Community College
Dr. Karen E. Rafinski – Interim President, Ohio Association of Community Colleges

Presentation: Community College Funding Consultation Panel
Resource Materials: OACC FY15 SSI Allocation Recommendations

Laura Rittner – Director of Research & Data Analysis, OACC
Martha Snyder – Senior Associate, HCM Strategists
Jeff Boudouris – Vice President & CFO, Sinclair Community College
Dr. Marcia Ballinger – Provost | Vice President for Academic & Learner Services, Lorain County Community College

Panel Q & A

Check back for a comprehensive FAQ sheet!

Presentation: Designing a Campus Completion Process

Dr. Kathleen C. Cleary – Associate Provost for Student Completion, Sinclair Community College
Dr. Gretchen Schmidt – Program Director, Postsecondary State Policy, Jobs for the Future

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