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Community College Facts

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Do you know that over 45 percent of all undergraduate college students begin their studies at a two-year college?

Two-year colleges offer:

• Academic Excellence
• Quality Faculty and Staff
• Affordable Cost
• Classes Close to Home
• Variety of Programs
• Outstanding Support Services (Financial Aid, Counseling, Tutoring, etc.)
• Personal
• State-of-the-Art
• Caring Environment
• Small Classes
• Collegiate
• Ability to Transfer Credits

Ohio’s two-year college system is made up of 23 state-assisted and locally autonomous technical and community colleges. In 2006, over 160.000 students enrolled in college credit courses at these institutions throughout Ohio.

Two-year colleges consist of three types: technical, state community, and community. Technical colleges provide hands-on education in a specific field. Many technical college graduates transfer to baccalaureate programs. Both state community and community colleges offer technical programs and university parallel programs providing students with a variety of options.

Students who choose to begin their college careers at a two-year college cite quality of education and reasonable cost as the main benefits.

Completing the first two years of a bachelor’s degree at a two-year college can save the student several thousand dollars. A variety of technical, career-oriented degrees offered by two-year colleges can lead to employment immediately after the student completes his/her associate degree.

This guide provides an up-to-date directory of programs and services offered by Ohio’s system of technical and community colleges. We hope you find it helpful!