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Fifth Annual Fall Symposium

/Fifth Annual Fall Symposium
Fifth Annual Fall Symposium 2015-01-06T14:37:48+00:00

Symposium Agenda


Student Success & Completion Presentations


Building Miami Dade College’s Student Pathway:  A 3-Tiered Advising Model

Presenter: Joaquín Martínez – Associate Provost, SAI, Miami Dade College


Best Practices for Putting Your Campus Completion Plan into Action

Presenter: Dr. Jan Lyddon – Principal, Organizational Effectiveness Consultants


Structuring and Implementing First Year Experience (FYE) Programs to Enhance Student Success


Kara Fell – Instructor and Developmental Education Department Chair, Zane State College

Stephanie Sutton – Dean of Enrollment, Financial & Career Services and Registrar, Lorain County Community College

Laurene M. Grimes – Professor, Counseling in Enrollment, Financial, & Career Services, Lorain County Community College


Completion Coaching: Strategies to Build Endurance in FYE and Developmental Education Students


Dione DeMitro – Director of Student Success, Lakeland Community College
Susan Long – Director of Student Success Center, Southern State Community College
Sharmaine Pechac – Program Manager, OACC AmeriCorps College Completion Coaches


Lessons from Completion by Design on the Transformational Change Process

Presenter: Dr. Kathleen C. Cleary – Associate Provost for Student Completion, Sinclair Community College


Research & Data Analysis Track Presentations


Storytelling with Data: Advanced Graphics Techniques Including Best Practices in Infographics and Data Visualization

Storytelling with Data PART II: Advanced Graphics Techniques Workshop

Presenter: Gregory M. Stoup – Vice President of the Research & Planning Group of California


Key Data to Track to Improve Student Completions

Presenter: Dr. Jennifer Spielvogel – Vice President, Evidence and Inquiry, Cuyahoga Community College


Essential Data and Files to Maintain in IR Offices to Support the Student Success Agenda


Dr. Tricia Leggett – Director, Institutional Effectiveness and Planning, Zane State College

Dr. Jan Lyddon – Principal, Organizational Effectiveness Consultants


Using Labor Market Data to Develop and Improve Programs of Study

Presenter: Tom Prendergast – Director of Institutional Research, North Central State College