Student Success Center Initiatives

The Student Success Center’s work is made possible by several grants from both national and state partners. These initiatives help the Student Success Center provide venues for collaboration and integration around Guided Pathways reforms. They help enable the community colleges to organize around common action to accelerate their efforts to improve student outcomes. They also provide faculty and staff with venues to share and learn, aggregate technical assistance efforts, and help colleges collaborate. Student Success Center’s initiatives and grants help the Center build a cohesive approach to policy advocacy across their states’ community colleges so that resources are spent efficiently and reforms help the greatest number of students possible earn postsecondary credentials.

Knowledge Development for Scaling Guided Pathways Reform in Ohio

Scaling Guided Pathways Reform

  • PARTICIPATION:  Ohio Association of Community Colleges & All 23 Ohio Community Colleges
  • FOCUS:  To improve the rate and reduce the time and cost at which the more than 275,000 degree-seeking students served annually by Ohio’s 23 community colleges earn postsecondary credentials that enable them to advance in the labor market and pursue further education.
    • Uses applied research and strategic technical assistance to support the on-going efforts by Ohio’s community colleges – working with K-12 schools, university partners, and employers – to create guided pathways for students to postsecondary credentials and careers in fields of economic importance to regions and the state.

Continuation of Ohio Completion by Design State Policy and Scaling Work

Completion by Design

  • PARTICIPATION:  Ohio Association of Community Colleges & all 23 Ohio Community Colleges
  • FOCUS:  To build on the significant gains in scaling the student success agenda in Ohio with grants provided by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for the first two-year phase of Completion by Design State Policy Work and the Driving Success Initiative.
    • Priority 1: State Higher Education Policy and Collaboration with the Ohio Department of Higher Education (ODHE)
    • Priority 2: Structured Pathways Reform
    • Priority 3: Performance-Based Funding and Institutional Research (IR) Capacity
    • Priority 4: Student Success Advocacy Agenda

Scheduling for Completion

Scheduling for Completion

  • PARTICIPATION:  Ohio Association of Community Colleges, 4 “4-Year” colleges, and 18 community colleges
  • FOCUS:  Comprehensive use of data analytics provided by Ad Astra to support better space utilization and course management strategies.
    • Undertaking this project will help promote standard course scheduling and space management strategies.
    • Benefits include cost savings, retention and improved completion rates.

Encouraging Additional Summer Enrollment


  • PARTICIPATION:  Ohio Association of Community Colleges, 4 community colleges in phase one, & another 6 community colleges in phase 2
  • FOCUS:  During the 2017 and 2018 summer terms, MDRC will conduct a three-way randomized controlled trial to:
    1. Evaluate whether summer enrollment increases graduation rates and speed to graduation.
    2. Determine the most effective method to motivate students to enroll in summer courses.

AmeriCorps College Completion Coaches

AmeriCorps College Completion Coaches

  • PARTICIPATION:  Ohio Association of Community Colleges & 13 participating Ohio Community Colleges
  • FOCUS:  The course-embedded model places AmeriCorps College Completion Coaches in specific courses or course sections identified by the Host Site, e.g. developmental English and Math, first year experience (FYE), gateway courses, and college skills courses. Coaches work with a site supervisor and parnter with faculty to do the following:
    • Support students taking courses in the fall and spring semesters;
    • Help students develop a formal completion plan;
    • Work to ensure the students meet their education goals;
    • Meet with students individually and provide workshop opportunities; and
    • Provide volunteer and volunteer leadership opportunities through the AmeriCorps days of service.
  • FUNDER:  ServeOhio and participating Ohio Community Colleges

All-Ohio Academic Team Program

All-Ohio Academic Team Program

  • PARTICIPATION:  Ohio Association of Community Colleges & all 23 Ohio Community Colleges
  • FOCUS:  Honda of America Manufacturing has been the Ohio Association of Community College’s (OACC) leading partner for the All-Ohio Academic Team Luncheon and scholarship program since 2002. Through Honda’s sponsorship of the All-Ohio Academic Team Luncheon and scholarship program, students are able to receive recognition and scholarships for their academic excellence, leadership, service, and their extension of education beyond the classroom to benefit society.
  • PARTNERS:  Members of the Ohio State Senate & Ohio House of Representatives

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