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OACC Statement On President Obama’s Community College Proposal

//OACC Statement On President Obama’s Community College Proposal

OACC Statement On President Obama’s Community College Proposal

Please feel free to attribute in whole or in part to Jack Hershey, President/CEO, Ohio Association of Community Colleges. The OACC represents the presidents and trustees of Ohio’s 23 community colleges and is widely recognized as the voice of the community-college movement in Ohio. More information on the OACC available at

Ohio’s community college leaders are reviewing this potentially transformative proposal from the President. Make no mistake that we are encouraged that both national and state leaders continue to recognize that the answer to the college affordability question is our nation’s community colleges.

With tuition that averages around $4,000 annually in Ohio, community colleges offer students an inexpensive way to earn a certificate or associate degree on a pathway to a good-paying career or continued education at one of our state’s fine universities.

Ohio has been a national leader on many of the reforms that President Obama has asked community colleges to adopt as part of this proposal. We are particularly pleased that the President wants the rest of the nation to adopt performance-based funding, which no state has embraced as fully as Ohio.




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