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Driving Success Initiative

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Driving Success Initiative

The OACC Driving Success Initiative, a two year grant funded initiative supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, will enable the OACC to develop a robust research and evaluation program to identify policies and practices which have the greatest impact on student success while continuing to build on the findings of Ohio’s existing initiatives such as Achieving the Dream and the Developmental Education Initiative. The OACC will utilize the results of research and evaluation to develop a strong advocacy agenda to promote the policies identified.

The DSI Project Director works with a statewide research and evaluation team to identify and establish priorities, guidelines, and protocols for research efforts.  Technical assistance will be offered to member colleges in applying these priorities, guidelines and protocols.  Evaluations of OACC initiatives addressing student success – such as the AmeriCorps College Completion Coaches and the activities of the OACC Student Success Center – will be designed and conducted to determine which policies and practices and the approaches used to implement them have proven successful.  The OACC will implement a communication process to ensure that regular updates on research efforts and findings are shared with members and stakeholders.

The ultimate goal of this initiative is the development of an OACC statewide advocacy agenda grounded in evidence resulting from the research and evaluation program.The OACC advocacy agenda will be expanded as colleges are influenced to adopt policies and practices that will lead them to achieve greater student success and as recommendations are made for modifications to state policies to enhance student success.